3 Flower Decor Ideas For Diwali

Its my favorite time of the year – festive season!

Navratri, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Sankranti and the list goes on…. I get really excited about festivals like a kid not just because I can dress up myself well but also get a chance to deck up the house and divine idols, perform puja during festivals!

Diwali is right around the corner – the festival of lights as it is known, is the best time of the year to adorn our house with pretty rangolis/kolam, flower decorations and different types of lights.

Here are three flower and light decor ideas perfect for this Diwali –


This rangoli is made of  different flowers and petals on the floor. You can keep a diya stand or kalash in the centre of the rangoli to add beauty.

You can also use leaves and lotus buds in this rangoli to add variety.

I have been doing this type of  rangoli since college days, inspired by Keralites who adorn their patios with lovely pookolams (rangolis of flowers) for 10 days leading to Onam festival.

One can draw a pattern on the floor with chalk or flour and then start filling it up with flowers, to get the right shape and design.


This is as simple it can get to have a pretty centre table decoration for Diwali!

Take a medium-deep round tray and fill with water. Float artificial flowers in them along with oil lit lamps or LEDs.

You actually get artificial lotus flowers in most home decor and stationery shops these days, which are perfect for this flower decor! You get your own, pretty little lotus pond!


Put that crystal cake stand or any other piece of crystal decor piece to better use with this flower float rangoli.

Fill it with optimum water so that you can toss in some floating candles and fill up the rest of the space with flowers and petals. Looks so gorgeous in dim lighting!!!

Hope you liked these simple decor ideas…Do let know how you liked them and if you tried any.

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