2013 Beauty Misses

We did see a round-up of my favorites under various categories in the previous posts.

In case you missed them, you can check them out here – 2013 Beauty Favorites Part I and 2013 Beauty Favorites Part II.

Now, time for some serious misses… products that didn’t live up to my expectations & enthusiasm!


Pictured above (L to R) – Mannings Orange & Ginger Spa Body Scrub, Korress Guava Shower Gel.

Mannings Orange & Ginger Spa Body Scrub – This is a Health & Glow owned brand I think – not sure. I picked this randomly thinking its gonna smell of delicious oranges & zesty ginger, giving tough competition to The Body Shop scrubs & polishes. Well…nothing of those sorts! Moral of the story – Never buy products when you have a blocked nose! 😀

Korres Guava Shower Gel – As such its a nice shower gel. What itches here is that it doesn’t smell of Guava at all! Its a mix of tropical fruits.. smells fresh & nice. But my whole funda of buying this to loiter around the house smelling of guavas, got ditched! 🙁

The Body Shop Rainforest Volume Shampoo-Conditioner (Not pictured above) – Huh! I hate to talk about this.. if this range of products worked on everyone in the world, why did it have to fail on me miserably! I hate this & its the worst shampoo I have ever used…You can read the full review of the shampoo HERE.

Forest Essentials Organic Fruit Scrub (Not pictured above) – This looks like a Chyawanprash & smells like one too..Felt it to be too tight & abrasive on the skin. One FE product that I hate & would never buy or recommend!

Auravedic Amla-Tamarind Brightening Polish (Not pictured above) – My very first Auravedic product & it failed. The product is too creamy & the scrub granules are placed to sparsely for a good scrubbing session.

The Body Shop Passionberry Lip Balm – I like the TBS Born Lippy range. Had tried the Guava variant earlier & loved it (You can read its review HERE). But this Passionberry one failed to offer required hydration for my dry lips, though the berry fragrance is nice.

Nivea 5-in-1 Pure Effect Total Cleanup – Aww.. another disaster of a product I tried this year… Pure effect?? No effect!! 😀 Moved it to the guest bathroom shelf for them to enjoy! Pun intended! 😛 Full review HERE



Pictured above -Avon Color Kohl (Brown Black), Loreal Kajal Magique

Both the above products failed on the same terms – pigmentation & staying power. The L’oreal one fared better when it comes to staying on the waterline though. You can read a detailed review on L’oreal Kajal Magique HERE.


Streetwear Nail Enamel Remover – One disaster of a product again… doesn’t do what its supposed to do! You might want to check out its mini review HERE.

Overall, another big disaster that happened to me was the VELLVETTE BOX!

You can take a look at all of my Vellvette Boxes from this LINK.

What were your beauty misses in 2013?

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Your thoughts here...