12 Parlor Precautions!

Hey pals..Beauty parlor services have become a must these days for not just women but men & kids too..

Its become more of a routine than a luxury as considered before.

Parlors or salons are not just about beauty.. but also help you relax over a massage or spa service.. so you get to have some “ME” time amongst the hustle-bustle.

My derma suggested me to change some of my parlor practices when I visited him to have my facial wart removed.

He emphasizes that salons play a major role too in passing on HPV infection.

Listing out few precautions/to-do’s for each of your beauty parlor visit:

1. Take your own towel (hair wrap) to the parlor when you go for any hair massage or spa services.

You never know how clean the towel in the parlor is & if it was washed after the previous usage.

2. Always oil your hair before you apply henna to it. Since henna tends to dry the hair & scalp.

Oil at home only before you visit your parlor or take the oil of your choice along with you, during your visit.

3. Take your own combs – detangling brush, paddle brush, roller comb or any other styling brush with you, whenever you go for hair styling before an event or for some other hair related service at the parlor.

People of different hair types & issue come to the parlor & it is always good to use our own combs to avoid hairfall or dandruff related issues later.

4. Take your own moisturiser or cream to be applied post threading of eyebrows, forehead or upper lip.

Even the best of salons in the country use a local moisturiser for this purpose which could be well adulterated with running water or have harmful ingredients.

There are specific products available in the market these days, that are designed to be applied post threading & waxing services. You might pick one of those.

5. Take your blackhead remover & tweezers too. 

Would you like sharing your toothbrush with someone else? Nay, right! These are some personal tools too & are best unshared.

6. Know what products suit your skin type the best & insist for the same. Never let them canvas you in the name of discounts or extra services.

7. For waxing, take your own powder puff & moisturiser. 

Never let the parlor use re-usable cloth strips on you.. I am sure only a handful of local parlors are only still using them.. 🙂

Likewise never allow two persons to wax your hands at the same time – get your hands waxed one at a time only.

Go for waxing post your periods, the process would be less painful… 🙂

8. For cleanups & facials insist on use-and-throw wipes & no cloth napkins.

9. Avail parlor services at home in case your regular parlor or some other person provides you that facility.

Body massage are the best when availed at home… no worries of privacy & you get to relax more since you don’t have to dress up & travel back home immediately 😀

10. Even when availing parlor services at home, let them know what all products/stuff you will be providing from your end and negotiate on the price.

You can pay only for the service/masseuse and give your personal products – thereby saving some good money too!

11. Make a checklist of what all you need to carry to the parlor first, place them in a bag & carry it along with you.

Likewise, don’t forget to collect your stuff back from the parlor before leaving home.

12. Try to wear zero jewellery when on a parlor visit & carry only required cash to avoid loss of valuables.

Also leave your cellphone back at home, so that you can relax during your massage/spa time instead of worrying about your phone ringing or safety of the valuables.

I have got a picnic basket like thing for keeping my stuff that I need to take to the parlor.

These days I am loving having parlor services at home – since I get to relax much better & privacy is more.

Have you packed your parlor bag??

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