11 Hair Care – Do’s & Don’ts

Pals..Listing out some do’s and don’ts in our hair care in this post:

1. Always wash hair with cold or lukewarm water.

Hot water can cause stress to the scalp which in turn can start producing more oil.

The best way is to start washing with lukewarm water & rinse off shampoo and conditioner with cold water.

2. Pamper your tresses.

Massage your hair with oil before wash. It helps in improving blood circulation and helps in absorption of nutrients by the scalp.

3. Use shampoos & conditioners that are free of sulphates & silicones.

Silicones cause build up while sulphates rip of natural oils from the hair & scalp.

4. Reduce blow drying.

None of us have the time or patience to sit around & leave wet hair to dry naturally.
Try your best to dry hair using a thick towel that naturally blots hair wetness.

If you blow dry, choose minimum heat setting – less the heat, lesser the damage. Always use a heat protectant too.

5. Completely dry your hair before styling.

Make sure your hair is totally dry before you straighten or curl your tresses, as applying heat on wet hair can damage hair cuticles & weaken hair roots too.

6. Never comb wet hair.

Wet hair is in its weakest best & can cause more hair fall. If you are in hurry, use wide-toothed, soft-bristled comb to run through the hair slowly without tugging.

7. Use the right brush.

Constant brushing on weak hair causes more damage and if hair is wet – leads toΒ  breakage. Use the right brush that suits your hair length, volume & type.

Do not wear tight pony tails or braids which will cause permanent loss of hair in areas where hair was stretched.

8. Eat for your hair too.

Consume foods such as salmon, walnuts, flax seeds, etc. – to get that shiny & strong hair.

Omega-3 & Folic acid are important nutrients for hair growth & maintenance.

9. Protect hair from sun and sea exposure.

Chlorine from swim water can cause damage too. Cover up your hair to protect from pollution & wash your hair as soon as you feel the hair or scalp getting sticky.


10. Quit smoking.

Smoking causes hairfall, premature graying and various other irreversible losses to hair & scalp. Commit to quit today.

11. Minimize hair coloring.

Your natural hair color is your best accessory. If your bent on hair coloring, always choose between 3 shades around your natural shade – for both lighter & darker color picks.

Darker the color – a little better. Since, light shades involve bleaching your natural shade of hair.




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