Nail Polish Hacks Ideas

11 Clear Nail Polish Hacks in Everyday Life

These 11 clear nail polish hacks today in this post are all about making use of that bottle of clear nail polish not cared for quite sometime in our closet.
Admit it – We all have that one bottle of clear nail polish that we purchased quite excited thinking of various nail arts we can dish out of it, but probably has not found the light of the day yet!
Clear Nail Polish Hacks Ideas


Here some easy spins you can take the clear nail polish for –

1. Threading a needle

When the thread has a split end, needling into the eye can be task not just for the elderly, but to us impatient ones too. Simply dab a drop of clear nail polish to the end of the thread, adjust the thread and try needling. Job done!

2. Prevent jewelry damage

Some fashion/imitation jewelry when worn leave a green tinge on the skin and also lose their sheen and look within few uses. Avoid this by applying a nice coat of clear nail polish on the inside. No more green tinges on your neck or hands and no more money down the drain on tarnished jewelry.

Rhinestones or crystals on jewelry generally is held on prongs and tend to fall off most often. Keep them safe in their place with some clear paint to seal them around.

You can do this with your fridge magnets too, to retain their shine or make them look glossy.

Aren’t these great clear nail polish hacks? Continue to for more..

3. Smudge proof your labels

I am label savvy if I may call so! Be it spice containers or a bunch of house keys, I prefer labeling them for easy use rather spend time sniffing or trying them one by one respectively to get the right one. But of course, they fade with time even when done with the best of markers.

A good coat of clear nail polish on your food or key labels to smudge proof them to good extent. Reapply as required.

Helps with dog-ears on the book too.

4. Seal shoe lace ends

With an hyper active boy around, if finding shoe laces is a task – keeping them in shape is another task. These guys bite into anything and laces are not spared. You are left with shabby lace ends that need some quick fix before stepping out of the house.

Dab a big drop of clear nail polish on both the ends of the shoe lace and let it dry for a good 15 minutes before your kid puts them on. Is not a permanent solution, but at least saves your face amidst others.

5. Paint your shoe soles

As simple as that – paint your old party shoe soles with a coat of clear nail polish to add some gloss and make them look not so worn out. Works on any dull shoe surface.

6. DIY Nail Art 

Mix some of those glitters, sequins, beads, hearts or pipes from your DIY jewelry of fabric kit into a bottle of clear nail polish and make your own nail art paints ready.

Its such a fun and easy DIY to do with kids too and no need to spend big bucks on glittery, chunky nail polishes anymore.

Next couple of clear nail polish hacks are as easy it can get!

7. DIY Nail Polish

Another option is to mix some of your eyeshadow, pigment shadows or blush into some clear nail polish, whisk thoroughly and come up with your own shade of gorgeous nail polish.

Best upcycling project when done with broken eyeshadows or blushes that may you not be able to use anymore. Get them on your nails if not on your eyes or cheeks.

8. Fix splinters in furniture or wooden cutlery

Another wonderful hack I discovered recently. If any corner of your furntiure developed a crack, a splinter hanging out can cause injuries.

Apply couple of coats over the splinter to reseal them back from hanging out and harming people. The same works well on wooden ladles and cutlery when the splinter is in the handle.

9. Tighten screws

If any of the screw in toys or household products are not fitting well as they should, pour in some clear nail polish on the sides of the screw using the applicator and fill up the empty space around it. This helps tighten the screw. Works well typically with kids toys, clocks, etc.

10. Use as measurement markers

Apply lines for different levels of measurement on the side of mug or container to keep in mind the amount of product to add or use.

Alternatively if your container already has a measurement scale printed on it, apply a coat of clear paint to keep them from fading and erasing off.

11. Waterproof your matchsticks

The biggest hack of all I got from a travel freak colleague. He takes matchsticks coated with clear nail polish with him on his hiking trips so that they don’t get damaged in cold or moist conditions. Astounding isn’t it?

Hope you loved all these ‘clear nail polish hacks’ I put together in this post.

Which ones are your most likely to try? Do you have any other new hack that you can share with the readers?

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