10 Resolutions for 2014

Hey all…

This post ought to be already live by 31st December… Both NYE & yesterday have been busy for me in terms of work at home! Here it is finally…

I am not a really a resolutions person.. I take life as it comes, a welcoming change that the IT sector gave me! 😀

But this year, I am penning down some points that I wanna make work for me – both in personal, & blogging terms.

So, here it is served with the quote – “Better late than never”! :B

#1 – Regular CMTM atleast once a day

If you are reading the above statement with your mouth gaped out.. I’m glad I gave quite some shocking news to you being a beauty blogger. With the arrival of the baby & interior work going full swing at home, I am torn apart in between shifting & arranging things, remembering in which part of the world I kept what & rushing in to feed the baby as & when he yells at me! To top it up there are these night patrols with the baby & catching up on Koffee with Karan episodes telecasted since eternity!

Ok.. I think I got lost in my long sentenced blabber..I tend to miss out on basic skincare stuff most of the days (sometimes brushing my teeth too!). My skin is in its most horrible state ever & I wanna make it up for the loss with atleast once a day CMTM to perk up my skin’s lost glory! 😀

#2 – Regular use of face packs/masks 

Another big beauty/skincare faux pas I do is not using enough or not at all using face packs regularly! Though I have a good stock of them that can run me through the next 4-5 months easily, I gotta use it right! 🙁

Here I am taking an oath to make use of face packs/mask regularly in 2014!

#3 –  Try DIY stuff

Yes.. I wanna try some cool DIY stuff for the house in terms of organizers & decor. Some DIY for my skin as face packs, scrubs or makeup…and some DIY to put junk to good use.

Am sure I am gonna achieve this resolution ‘pucca se’ this year! 🙂 “Light at the end of the tunnel” as they call it.

#4 – Go Out of Stock

It simply means – No hoarding/overstocking! Yeah.. I always tend to keep a spare for every product in my vanity, then one for travel, one for this, that, etc., etc. This year I am gonna make sure I am emptying good amount of spares, before I venture out to buy ‘spares for spare’!

#5 – Go smoky

In the eyes! I badly wanna improve my eye makeup skills – particularly some neat smoky eyes. I suck at doing eyeshadows & can apply only one shade at a time. All this blending, creasing & highlighting sounds Afrikaans to me! God please help me do one smoky eye makeup atleast in this year!

#6 – 4 times a week

No that was not about bathing or brushing teeth! Its about blogging atleast 4 times in a week. I have been very irregular in the past year with blogging.. so hope to be a regular blogger this year around. Inspite of not being regular I have reached 500 likes on our Facebook fan page! Thanks a lot for your love & support! <3

#7 – You better follow me

Means reach atleast 1000 followers on Facebook this 2014! A big, heartening milestone it would be for me…  I am gonna try & do all I can to achieve this feat this year.

#8 – Indulge in some home decor

The past year we were living in a railway station & then moved to a furniture garage in the later part of the year.. Confused?  I am talking about my ‘home sweet home’ only! 🙂 Since the interior works are already on & close to completion, I would love to indulge in some lovely home decor for the house & you can well see my bank balance routed to ‘HomeStop’ & ‘HomeCenter’, rather than ‘MedplusBeauty’ & ‘MAC’… 😀

#9 – Shred the potato

Yeah.. Shred the couch potato in me, who just loves to surf the internet all day, socializing on FB tirelessly & breathes blogging while on the net! 🙂 Gotta move my ass & lose all the flab that dear pregnancy has left me with. I haven’t decided how & what to do.. atleast some brisk walking daily until then.

#10 – The universal resolution

LOSE WEIGHT! I am sure this would be on almost everybody’s list… This has always been on my mind year over year.. but never got materialized! I am penning it down in public this year, so that I really do something about it… 😀

That completes my list! Do share yours if you too have one 🙂

Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...