10 must-have products for me to step-out in the sun!!

Gaaals… I am bac..Its been really busy with work & shuttling between cities… hopefully i get to find some MY time for blogging and catching with all you lovely ones out there on a regular basis from now! 🙂

How is the summer going for you???

Thought of putting out a list of my must-haves for summers today.. so that we can share and know some gr8 thoughts & products out here…

So here goes my list:

1. Body spray

Though i dont sweat a lot and have never had body odour problem.. i never like to take chances in the summer atleast.. this is one product that will be always there in my handbag during the sunny days…

I kinda use it as a mood lifter too ;p… at times in office when i feel sleepy or too bored at work… (wink..wink..)

My current favz:

Yardley Perfumed Body Spray in English Roses, Eau de Brut.
Lomani has been my all time fav.

2. Sunscreen

Needless to say… all of us go bonkers on every sunscreen in the market just to get protected from the very hot sun…

And  I have got tanned badly over the years now.. that  I just cant afford to miss this in my routine everyday.

My current favz:

Body: Lotus Herbals Sunblock SPF50 and PA++
Face/Neck: Neutrogena Helioplex Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF50

3. Hair clip:

I usually leave my hair open… so just at times when I am shopping or out in the open..and feel my hair irritating my neck (yeek..) … i always carry around one..

I usually go for wide-toothed hair clutches that can hold the hair in a bunch..

4. Wet wipes:

How can i not mention this.. my savior at many times over many occasions..

It just refreshes me at the end of the day.. whether I am catching up with a friend after work.. or there is a sudden party at the office… wet wipes give me tat quick fix to remove makeup & feel fresh all over..

I always prefer wipes that do not sting my eyes so that I can remove makeup thoroughly with wipes only.. when I am at my laziest best! 😀

My current favz:

Clarus Wet Wipes in Lime
B positive wet wipes in Aloe Vera
Orris Wet Wipes with Grapeseed & Almond extracts

5. Pressed powder or Compact:

This is a must have for me for all seasons…. Just a quick wipe with wet tissues and some compact powder & kajal…. I am raring to go!!

I don need to carry a separate mirror too in the vanity… since I always have a compact lying around in the bag..

My current favz:

Maybelline Whitestay UV with SPF18 in shade – Natural (I have been using this for years now!)

6. Kajal/Kohl:

This is a staple for me….. I have never stepped out of the house minus the kohl in my eyes since I was in school…

I am lot into eyepencils of various colors.. so love them all the more!

My current favz:

Maybelline Colossal Kajal
Revlon One Stroke Eyeliner in Glazed Green
Colorbar i-glide in Electra
Elle18 Sparkles in Purple

Stopping here.. this could well turn out to be a big list! 🙂

7. Lip balm with SPF:

Lips tend to be ignored when it comes to sun protection.. so I always ensure I apply & carry around a lip balm with SPF in it…

My current favz:

Biotique Bio Aloevera Lip balm with SPF30
LipIce lip balm in Lemon with SPF15
Nivea Shine in Pomegranate with SPF10
Puro Lip balm in Lemon Twist

I love The Body Shop lip balms too otherwise..

8. Headache balm

I tend to get headaches a little more in summer… being out in the sun or may be due to getting dehydrated.. this lead me to always a carry a roll-on headache balm in my bag.

Amrutanjan Dragon liquid balm is by far the best I have used.. relieves headache really fast.. one can also damp it in one’s hanky and smell to get refreshed!

9. Chewing gum

To shoo away thirst.. or to avoid bad breath.. or to get charged while feeling sleepy.. I go to chewing gums…

Orbit in Lime flavor is my hot fav these days..

10. Sunglasses

Last but not the least.. shades with UV-protection! I badly need them throughout the yr….

My current favz:

Avon Retrochic UV 700 & Fastrack Unisex shades

I have not listed out the usual ones like comb, lipstick since they are staple for everybody, all times!

I am sure my list would match with most of yours too.. How did you like my list… would love to know yours too….


Your thoughts here...


Your thoughts here...